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Logging into iLEAP Club Website as a Member
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How to Update Your Score and Write Personal Notes in Your Student Portal

Progress Tracking Booklet

Please Contact Your Coordinator to get your Progress Tracking Booklet


How to use iLEAP Club Website as an iLEAP Club member - Video

iLEAP Club Member Use - Video


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iLEAP Club Online Session Tips.pdf

Band Requirements

iLEAP Club Communication Soft Skills and Leadership Band Requirements_Advanced Level.pdf

iLEAP Club Communication Soft Skills and Leadership Band Requirements_Senior Level.pdf

iLEAP Club Communication Soft Skills and Leadership Band Requirements_Junior Level.pdf


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iLEAP Club Meeting Roles Juniors.pdf

iLEAP Club Meeting Roles Senior.pdf

iLEAP Club Meeting Roles Advanced.pdf

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Speech vs Presentation Speech vs Presentation





Roles Description Video
iChair What is iChair? iChair Sample Video
iGrammarian What is iGrammarian? iGrammarian Sample Video
iFines Master What is iFines Master? iFines Master Sample Video
iFiller Counter What is iFiller Counter? iFiller Counter Sample Video
iTimer What is iTimer? iTimer Sample Video
iQuiz Master iQuiz Master  
iThink on My Feet iThink on My Feet  


iLEAP Club Speeches


iLEAP Club Speeches Description
iGetUp and Speak iGetUp and Speak
iStrucrture Speech iStructure Speech
iImitate Leader's Speech iImitate Leader's Speech
Motivational Speech Motivational Speech
Humorous Speech Humorous Speech
Special Event Speech Special Event Speech
Persuasive Speech Persuasive Speech