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Progress On Your Own Pace.
Sivas2Learn tailors education to each student's unique learning level.


Realize Your Potential

Every child's potential is unlocked through customized teaching


AI Enhanced Innovative Learning
Advanced AI technology optimizes and elevates the learning experience.




We are building a new educational model where education matches to the student level.

Sivas2Learn customizes the teaching contents to your child’s level using human as well as AI technology.

Our Vision: Build a new educational model that helps  every child realize his/her potential.
Our Mission: Through student driven problem solving approaches
Our Core Values: Believing every child has potential. Caring for every child’s learning.

Our teachers are facilitators: The teacher becomes a facilitator of learning, offering personalized assistance, addressing questions, and guiding students through their understanding of the material. This shift allows for more individualized attention and support.

We use state of art AI technology: Technology plays a crucial role in the Sivas2Learn Learning Model, as it helps evaluate student level and facilitate the delivery of pre-class content.

We do in-class activities as well as engaging online and homework activities: Classroom time is repurposed for interactive and collaborative activities. This might include discussions, problem-solving exercises, group projects, or hands-on experiments. The teacher takes on a more facilitative role, providing guidance and support as students apply their knowledge.

Students learn at their own pace with pre-class learning material: Students are expected to have completed instructional materials before coming to class. This could involve doing homework watching pre-recorded video lectures, reading articles, or interacting with online content.