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Soft Skills Leadership Program

Empower Your Child with Essential Life Skills

We Are Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

At iLEAP Club, we believe that the best investment is the investment in your child's future.


We prepare your child to realize his or her potential.


We are creating tomorrow’s leaders today for the opportunities and challenges by equipping them with a broad range of soft skills and making them become successful.

Our Vision. Our Mission. Our Values.
  • Our Vision is to equip every child with essential life and soft skills to make realize his/her full potential.

  • Our Mission is to provide quality, relevant, and affordable program in an enjoyable non-threatening learning environment.

  • Our Core Values:.
    1. We strongly believe that every child has some sort of talents. Every single one.
    2. We strive to bring the best out of your child that has potential, but not visible.
    3. We make a positive difference in every child and every community that we serve.
    4. We pride ourselves on empowering children to realize their full potential.
An iLEAP Club's Member Pledge:
  • Uphold the values of iLEAP Club
  • Help maintain a positive, supportive and friendly environment
  • Treat members with respect and courtesy
  • Maintain a higher level of honesty and ethical standards
  • Encourage fellow members to become more successful 
Members learn by:
  • Taking initiative to sign up for roles
  • Providing constructive and positive feedback
  • Presenting and speaking in front of their peers
  • Organizing the meetings for themselves
  • Acquiring over 112 different soft skills


Soft Skills





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“Mark Cuban’s Advice for Recent Graduates: Your Soft Skills Are More Important Than Coding.”